June 22, 2017 – Rough Seas

Had a trip planned with Bruce – Ankona and Kevin – Kgfisher to run out and look for phins.  Weather called for rough conditions and as we pressed south the forecast was correct with 4-6’ seas.  We ran around looking for birds, weeds, rips, temp change or anything fishy but not much to be found.  Ran out to 700 and back to 380, spent 4 hours looking with no results.  Was about ready to head for the reef when we spotted 4 birds together but they were not diving.  There was a decent temp change so we put in the lines and trolled on.  About 5 minutes later left short is down, slowly back down and wait for other 2 to go off. That never happens so I put on the brakes as we reeled in the one Mahi hoping to bring the school. Turned out to be a single and about 25” so into the box and reset the lines.  We trolled around this general area in about 380’ and picked up 2 more schoolies – barely legal and a huge bonita. Birds left no more knock downs so we head towards reef still looking for the schoolies on the way.  With no sign of action we make a quick stop at Thunderbolt and then to the reef.  No luck jigging and reef only produced 12-15” snappers. Did find a pallet in 25’ of water with a small triple tail but could not get him to eat.  Overall a rough day but learned a little more and made a couple of new friends. Another great day fishing the Florida Keys.