June 24, 2017 Mahi Mayhem

Went out with neighbor, his son and SIL only looking for dolphin. Got a couple miles past the light saw frigate working so lines in and we are hooked up right away. It was good fight but a big bonita was not what we were looking for.  Throttle up and head south looking for birds and weeds.  Did not see much until 600’ where we found some scattered weeds birds. We trolled around and pick up some singles and doubles.  Followed this pattern out to 800’ and put about 20 in the box.  Came across several birds and as we troll by see a huge turtle being swarmed by dolphins.  Now we get a triple hook up and the chaos is on.  We put the first one in the rod holder to keep the school by the boat.  We grab chunk bait and livies on 6000 spinning gear to have some fun with the school.  Must have caught 30 phins, 4 nicer size, several 22-24” and threw the small schoolies back.  With our limit in the box we head toward the light at 1:30. Awesome day with three great guys.

Here is a pic of one of the nicer ones.