June 27 Mahi – Tuna

Got a late start because of some work stuff in am.  Weather looked great so we headed south looking for birds. Todays target was Mahi and head to the hump for a quick trip.  Found a weed line at about 700’ with a few other boats working it.  Got in line and put spread out, 2 jet heads, 1 triple d and a skirted hoo.  Trolled the weeds for a while no signs of fish or birds for a long time.  When we finally saw a couple birds a double hook up followed shortly after.  Got a decent cow in the boat and the second fish fought hard.  Finally got it to the boat but a long leader and short gaff allowed this nice bull to come off boat-side.

Made a couple loops in this area with no knock downs so off to the humps.  Approaching there are only a few boats there and we look for birds and put out the Mahi/tuna spread out.  Doesn’t take long and we have a double. Lost one to a shark and the other is a skippy. We trolled around the edges and get several knock downs, 1 nice BFT and several shark attacks. See George P filming there looks like Jimmy G is with him.  As we head back find a nice weed line on the backside rip.  We stop and play with some schoolies for a while.  We only keep a few since we just filled the freezer 2 days ago. All in all a great day on the water and the viz should be great tomorrow.

Til next time tight lines.