Dec 19 HST tuna

Left the dock at 2:30 for a quick stop on the reef and then some high speed trolling.

Went to a grouper spot and sounder had good marks so we dropped anchor. Threw out some chum and cut bait. Had several cut offs on the YT rig, switched to wire and no more bites. Soon after we got there the current stopped so we picked up and headed offshore. Set up 2 rods in 210’ and headed west towards 280.  Made the turn and 280 and when we got to 250 the left reel is screaming. This is basically a solo trip with 2 novice anglers so boat is on auto pilot as I get them set up to battle this fish. After the first run we start making headway while I am reeling in the other line. I get the gaff ready and start had lining the shock leader. Something does not feel right – this is coming in too easy.

Get it to the boat and I see why, it is a BFT no a wahoo. First time I have caught a tuna doing 16kts.

It was a short but nice day as it was there first tuna.


Another great day fishing in Marathon