Friday Dec 1st

With day full of things to get done I had a 3 hour window 1st thing in the morning for fishing. Just got some new trolling lures in and wanted to break them in. Out to 300′ to find good water and temp. Set out the spread and headed west with the wind. First hour was a lot of weeds and clearing lines. Water started getting better and I worked my way into 250′. Finally got a knock down on the long and brought a dinner sized BFT to the boat. Set up again and headed west more weeds
Found an area clear of weeds and after 20 min the wahoo lure on the right goes off. Right away I can see the mahi jumping. Not a wahoo but I will take any phins I can get in December.
Quick Trip but a couple of nice dinners both caught in 250′.

Fish are biting get out and enjoy