Spring Break 2018

Spring break fishing. Got a good weather day on Saturday so it was off to the humps and then look for dolphin on the way back. Had two teenage boys on this trip that really like tuna and one of them had never been offshore before. The ride out was pretty smooth and we made good time. We see birds as we approached from the west about I mile off. Get out a spread of 4-5 rods and it does not take long and the first tuna is in the boat.

We make several passes with double, triple and one quad hook up. Nothing very big and the boys thought this was too easy when cranking them in while the rod was in the holder.

With fish in the box we switched to a couple spinning rods and all the sudden the fish put up a bigger fight. Lots of action and only one lost to the sharks.

We also saw a big sailfish free jumping not far from the boat. With plenty of tuna to clean we headed north looking for weed line on way back in. Tried one ragged line but no takers and the boys were getting a little sea sick so we took the beautiful ride back over the reef and back home.

All you cared to clean.


Great day of fishing in Marathon