December Slammer

December 18-19

Have two split days in a row. Day 1, quick trip early for Wahoo – lines in at 7am. Only had a couple hours but with a cold front and a full moon coming it was worth a try. Started at 180 headed to 350 with a lot of weeds. Got a dolphin on but she spit the hook. Zig zag between 300-180 with nothing but weeds.

Back to the dock to take care of some business then back out around noon to try the reef. Landed on a good spot but not even the grunts were biting. Went out towards the hump looking for weeds and did not see anything until we got to1000’.  Made couple laps and picked up some BFT for dinner. On the way back in we tried a nice weedline in 770 but nobody was home. Strange day, no birds, no flying fish and nothing on the weeds. Still was a beautiful afternoon and dinner in the box.

Day 2– early am for Wahoo and then an afternoon run. Out at sunrise and head south till we clear the weeds around 200’. Spread of 5, bonita long middle, cowbell with 48oz weight left, jet head with 24oz right, small feather and plunger headlong on outriggers. Trolled for a while with no action finally come upon a weedline forming.  Followed for about 1mile, then short left goes off and the 50 wide is screaming. First we are thinking wahoo but the run was short and then we see a big dolphin jump. Clear the other lines and work the fish towards the boat. He put up a good fight, but we get the weight to the boat and handline the leader in. Gaff shot and over the rail and into the ice for this 40lber.


 High fives and get the spread back out. Work this weedline for another couple hours with two knockdowns. One ran into the weeds and pulled the hook. The other straightened the hook and both were good sized cows. Back to the dock to care of some business and to pick up another for a quick afternoon run. Made it out to 550 and no signs of weeds. We turned east to loop around and look for something fishy. Finally found an edge with a little bit of weed and temp change. Put out the spread and followed this line for miles with only one knockdown. Brought in a nice cow that made a big mess.


Great day of fishing in Marathon