Tuesday July 25th – scouting around

Still working on getting the boat dialed in along with lots of other work going on this summer.  Monday had a few hours so I headed out to check a spot on the reef then out to 600’ looking for deep drop spots.  Reef was full of small YT, by-catch and picked up a couple of keeper magos.  Only had a couple of hours so I pointed the cat south to look at some deep spots.  Came across a bunch of birds on bonitas but I didn’t need any bait.  Pushed further south to the humps and bumps and started blind trolling while watching the bottom machine.  After a few minutes, the right long goes off and I start reeling in the short.  Got one chasing the short but doesn’t hook up so I leave it out hoping he comes back. Get to work on the long and see a phin jumping in the distance, not real big but a keeper.  When I get him close I see that friends followed him to boat.  Schoolie size but fun and I am looking for that big one on the outside.  It is crazy action for a while and then I feel this cool breeze and turn around to see a storm bearing down on me.  Got plenty of fish in the freezer so only keep a couple for dinner and then blast out of there before I get hammered.  Back side of squall beautiful blue sea and a great boat ride back to pick up the kids for some snorkeling.  Some gin clear water moved onto the edge of the reef. Great day on the boat and awesome place to hang out.



  1. Edgar Medero on July 27, 2017 at 8:01 am

    Capt have you tried the Mangos in the bay

    • pwadmin on July 27, 2017 at 11:29 am

      Do most of our fishing ocean side. If the winds blows hard out of south we do some on bay side.
      Thanks for the comments -Tight Lines